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MycoSymbiote Sticker Pack 2nd Edition Collectors Release

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πŸ„ **Limited Edition MycoSymbiote Sticker Pack: Celebrating Nature's Bounty** πŸ„

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of fungi with our exclusive MycoSymbiote sticker pack. Each sticker is a visual ode to the diverse and extraordinary fungi that grace our planet. All photos taken by @MycoSymbiote William Padilla-Brown. Here's what you'll find in this unique collection:

1. **Hungarian Honey Truffles (Mattirolomyces terfezioides):**
- Discover the sweetness of Hungarian honey truffles, nestled beneath black locust trees along the Danube river. Known for their exquisite flavor, these white truffles capture the essence of Hungary's sandy, slightly alkaline soil.

2. **Tuber aestivum - Summer Truffle:**
- Explore the charm of the summer truffle, found across almost all European countries. This edible truffle is a culinary delight, and its inclusion in our pack celebrates the rich fungal tapestry of the continent.

3. **Pleurotus ostreatus - Oyster Mushroom:**
- Delight in the scientific marvel of Pleurotus ostreatus, also known as the oyster mushroom. Grown on the MycoSymbiotics farm, this versatile fungus is celebrated for its unique taste and texture, known by various names such as hiratake or pearl oyster mushroom.

4. **William Padilla-Brown and the Orange Laetiporus sulphureus:**
- Get a glimpse of William Padilla-Brown proudly holding a massive Orange Laetiporus sulphureus, freshly harvested in October 2023. This sticker captures a moment in time, showcasing the beauty of foraging and the vibrant colors of this striking fungus.

5. **Globifomes graveolens - Fungi Magazine Feature:**
- Relive the discovery of the Globifomes graveolens found in Pennsylvania back in 2016. Featured in Fungi magazine, this sticker commemorates a moment of recognition for a unique and noteworthy find.

6. **Lobster Mushroom - Wisconsin Summer Tour:**
- Journey to Wisconsin with a vibrant sticker of a Lobster mushroom found during our summer tour in the previous year. The sticker encapsulates the thrill of exploration and the breathtaking beauty of nature's surprises.

🌿 **Perfect for Fungi Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers:**
- This limited edition sticker pack is a homage to the wonders of mycology, suitable for avid foragers, scientists, and anyone captivated by the intricate world of fungi.

🎁 **Collector's Item:**
- Each sticker tells a story, making this pack a collector's item for those passionate about fungi, mycology, and the beauty found in the natural world.

Bring the magic of mushrooms to your surroundings. Order your MycoSymbiote sticker pack today and let the fungi fascination begin!