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Koji Fermented Mushroom Salt

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MycoSymbiotics Presents Our Koji Fermented Maitake Mushroom Salt made in collaboration with Nashville's Original Fun Guy Allen L. Davies III

There are 3 different kinds of corn in this koji, when Allen mills their masa at Maiz there is always a key or so of nixtamalized corn left, he saves that to make koji. Allen sources it all from Masienda. There is Bolita Blanco and Amarillo corn and Conico Azul Corn; Rice wise we used charleston gold rice and Jefferson Red Rice from Anson mills. The beans are 50/50 Sea Island Peas from Anson Mills and Amarillo Beans from Masienda. The hybrid koji sub was a great use of food waste conversion and the koji loves it. Wild Foraged Hen of the Woods Mushrooms by the MycoSymbioitics Team! Sea Salt from Tierra Oaxaca. This salt is still harvested using traditional methods of solar evaporated sea water in firmly pressed sand pits. Check their Instagram, it's a cool place. The sandpits the salt it evaporated in adds local terrior minerals to it and it is 100% noticeable.

Served in 4oz glass jars