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Cordyceps Cultivation Calendar MycoSymbiotics x Sama Bloom

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Cultivate Your Year with the 2024 Cordyceps Cultivation Calendar

Embark on a journey of mycological wonder with the 2024 Cordyceps Cultivation Calendar, a beautiful artistic rendition of the fascinating world of Cordyceps cultivation. Featuring stunning illustrations by artist Stephen Michael Hass and expertly formatted by Sama Bloom for MycoSymbiotics, this calendar is a must-have for anyone interested in mushroom cultivation, mycology, or natural medicine.


    • Vibrant illustrations of Cordyceps militaris throughout cultivation
    • Spread layout for marking important dates and events
    • Printed on high-quality, Gloss or Laminate

Perfect for:

    • Mushroom enthusiasts
    • Mycology students
    • Natural medicine practitioners
    • Home cultivators
    • Anyone interested in the wonders of the natural world

Order your copy today and start cultivating your year with Cordyceps!

About the Artists:

    • Stephen Michael Hass is a renowned artist and illustrator with a passion for mycology. His intricate and lifelike illustrations capture the beauty and complexity of Cordyceps fungi.

    • Sama Bloom is a graphic designer with a deep appreciation for the natural world. His expertise in layout and formatting has brought the 2024 Cordyceps Cultivation Calendar to life.


Order your 2024 Cordyceps Cultivation Calendar today and start cultivating your year with the power of mushrooms!